Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get involved with the NAACP in my community?

  • There are many ways to get involved! Are you interested in standing on the frontline with the nation’s premier civil rights organization? Take out a membership with us. The NAACP is actively engaged in increasing the African American responsiveness of citizens to be fully engaged in the democratic process.
  • Sign up for our text alerts to stay up-to-date with the issues that the NAACP is advocating for on the national level as well as in your area. Text NAACP to 40649 today.

Q: How can the NAACP help with my legal case?

  • The NAACP maintains an active docket of Civil Rights cases, frequently in conjunction with a team of cooperating lawyers around the nation.
  • The NAACP fights to prevent the erosion of Civil Rights law across our nation. Please note: The NAACP may provide legal information to concerned citizens, but does not provide legal advice. For legal advice, please consult a local attorney.

Q: Why should millennials vote?

Q: How does the NAACP feel about President Trump?

  • The NAACP is always fighting to end racial hatred and discrimination and guarantee everyone a place in our democracy.
  • We have worked with presidents on both sides of the political spectrum to achieve this aim, and, in the case of President Trump, we invited him to our annual convention – an invitation he turned down two years in a row.
  • If he is willing to work with us to advance civil rights in our country, our door is always open – but we have yet to see that commitment or interest from him.
  • Should the President continue to demonstrate no interest in listening to issues facing the Black community, we are not going to agonize – we are going to organize.
  • With or without the President by our side, we will continue to fight against racism, discrimination and threats to our democracy.59% of adults who are eligible to vote are Gen Xers, millennials, or post Millennials.